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    • Author: Jim Pollard, Unlimited PPE Inc. - Oberon Representative
      Classification: White Paper

      With the Coronavirus outbreak declared as a pandemic, and the risk of contracting COVID-19 at its highest levels, employers must re-evaluate the sharing of any PPE by their workers. When it comes to arc flash PPE, workers are potentially sharing more than just tools and equipment they need for the job. They are also sharing an increased risk of contaminating each other.

    • Author: Veridian Connections Inc.
      Classification: Case Studies

      Aging electrical cables were failing across residential neighbourhoods in Ontario leading to repeated power outages. To provide safe and reliable electricity, Veridian Connections explored the possibility of a cable rejuvenation program.

    • Author: Electro-Federation Canada
      Classification: White Paper

      Electro-Federation Canada has released an article that highlights opportunities, risks and next steps for the Canadian Transformer industry -- a vital segment of the electrical sector. With customer demand for electricity on a steady rise, investments in new energy and infrastructure projects are required to renew Canada’s aging infrastructure to enable efficient power transmission.

    • Author: Rittal Corporation
      Classification: White Paper

      When specifying a stainless steel enclosure, many factors should be carefully considered to ensure that the appropriate levels of protection are provided for installed equipment and the overall success of the application.



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