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    • March 04, 2021

      Juno Podz™ is a perfect marriage of form and function that redefines downlighting. From below the ceiling, Juno Podz takes the form of a traditional 4", 5" or 6" downlight providing deep source regression that results in a low glare, aesthetically pleasing recessed installation.

    • March 03, 2021

      Caterpillar Inc. today announced the introduction of the Cat® XQ1140 power module, a mobile power solution delivering application flexibility and improved efficiency through an innovative dual-generator set configuration.
      Now available for 60-Hz applications in North America demanding up to 1000 kW of standby power or 910 kW of prime power, the Cat XQ1140 power module features a twin-pack design. Its two Cat C18 generator sets meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards and can be paralleled to share larger loads or operate independently to support different loads and voltages.

    • March 03, 2021

      Megger now offers three easy-to-use, lightweight, handheld testers designed for use by electricians and electrical engineers. The MET1000 multi-functional tester, TPT420 voltage meter and DPM1000 power clamp meter are perfect when performing installation and maintenance.
      The MET1000 is a versatile and robust handheld, all-in-one meter with detachable test leads. This multi-functional, auto-ranging voltage and current tester can measure AC/DC voltage to 1000V and can measure AC current up to 200 A. It offers a true RMS reading on the ACV/ACA range for greater measurement accuracy. The unit also includes a phase rotation test and both inrush current and a built-in single pole voltage test.

    • March 02, 2021

      Atkore has expanded its Calbrite flex offering to include stainless steel hygienic liquid tight conduit and fittings. Rated up to IP69, the hygienic liquid tight series prevents contamination from oils, dirt, dust, and liquid. The flexible conduit and fittings are ideally suited for applications with washdown requirement and wide temperature range demands.



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