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    • December 22, 2009

      LIND EQUIPMENT LTD., Markham, announces it has partnered with manufacturing representatives W.A. Hawkins in British Columbia. According to John Pannunzio, Electrical Sales Manager, it is important to Lind to have experienced, knowledgeable representatives to support the electrical distributors nationally. The addition of W.A. Hawkins in BC is the final link to having manufacturing representatives across the country representing Lind’s line of static bonding & grounding products, hazardous location lighting, industrial work lighting, and GFCI products.

    • December 17, 2009

      As part of its commitment to providing "The Right Light" to the American outdoor lighting market, Schréder Lighting USA General Manager John Camp has announced that the opening of the new Manufacturing Facilities is planned for January 4, 2010. Schréder Lighting USA is a member of Schréder Group G.I.E., which is an international group that specializes in upscale, architectural outdoor lighting that is at the forefront of technological and aesthetic innovation.

    • December 11, 2009

      Shat-R-Shield, the leading and largest manufacturer of shatter-resistant lamps, is proud to announce the appointment of Tri-Tech Sales Associates as their new manufacturers rep agency in the eastern U.S. region.

      “With great anticipation, we look forward to working with the experienced staff at Tri-Tech Sales,” said Karen Ponce, Shat-R-Shield president.  “For over 24-years, their service to customers in the electrical industry is second to none.” 

    • December 03, 2009

      GERRIE ELECTRIC WHOLESALE LTD. of Burlington, Ontario, was honoured with the Electrical Supply Division Canadian Affiliate of the Year Award by Affiliated Distributors at its North American meeting held on October 27 in Dallas, Texas. As part of A-D’s Electrical Supply Division 2009 Spirit of Independence Awards, the award is made to an exceptional A-D Affiliate who has actively participated in A-D committees and task forces during the last several years, has effectively communicated the value of A-D throughout its organization, is actively engaged with A-D staff, and is a true leader among its peers in the Division.



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