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    Intellimeter and RVE Join forces in Quebec

  • May 10, 2021

    INTELLIMETER announces a new partnership with RVE - Recharge Véhicule Électrique of Laval. This partnership will serve the growing need for EV Charging in buildings across Québec.
    “RVE is the benchmark across Canada and the United States for the development and implementation of effective and sustainable solutions facilitating the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles in homes and buildings.” says Alberto Quiroz, President at Intellimeter. “The addition of Intellimeter’s EVCMC to RVE’s portfolio positions RVE as the leader in energy management of EV Charging in Quebec.
    “The RVE team specializes in deploying electrification strategies for new and existing construction. It acts across Canada and in more than 25 US states to make residential charging more accessible” says David Corbeil, CEO, and Co-Founder of RVE; “By addressing the limited capacity in buildings, and the need to recover energy costs with a Measurement Canada approved meter, using Intellimeter’s EVCMC – and RVE specializing in charging facilities – we can address all of the resident's needs with a single solution."
    "When you power charging stations from a building's main electrical infrastructure, having a certified metering solution helps ensure fairness among electric motorists," added Léo Viger-Bernard, Sales Manager at RVE.

    Contact David at or Léo at


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