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    Fulham’s Germicidal UV Line Expanded & Updated

  • Mar 10, 2021

    Before our current state of affairs, over 20 years ago, Fulham stepped out with its SunHorse Germicidal UV Ballast program. At the time, air, water and surface disinfection applications were still considered niche. Now, they are obviously essential.
    Fulham has recently used its Germicidal UV expertise to expand on its SunHorse line with a new SHS1-UNV-C ballast, as well as with three re-imagined models (SHS10-UNV-H, SHS11-UNV-H and SHS14-UNV-H) that integrate flexibility to keep ahead of the evolving UV market. These four ballasts are now able to operate UV lamps in cold temperatures (down to -20°C / -4°F) and allow for longer remote installation distances from the ballasts to the lamps (up to 30 feet).  
    These design improvements allow for more versatility for the customer that can help speed time to market for UV projects. For more details about how SunHorse Germicidal UV ballasts have been designed to optimize the operation of UV lamps, visit


    August 17, 2021 to August 18, 2021
    September 29, 2021 to September 30, 2021
    May 04, 2022 to May 05, 2022
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