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    EngWorks Inc and the Alberta Electrical Alliance Form Strategic Partnership

  • May 31, 2021

    EngWorks Inc. and the Alberta Electrical Alliance announced its strategic partnership, May 27, 2021.  The partnership centers on exclusive discounts and revenue sharing for AEA sales of EngWorks Inc’s specialized hazardous locations online course. 

    “Our members get an exclusive discount not offered through any other association in Alberta,” says Tara Ternes, CEO of the Alberta Electrical Alliance.  Tara, a veteran in the electrical industry, has been employed by the AEA for over 20 years.   

    The Alberta Electrical Alliance (AEA) is a non-profit, member-based, provincial trade association that works to advance the business and professional interests of its members. For 28 years, our membership has grown and developed to include manufacturers, electrical suppliers, agents, utility companies,  contractors, engineers, Inspectors, maintenance professionals, government agencies, and students.

    Members support the AEA with annual dues and receive benefits ranging from discounts on events, industry education, networking opportunities, and Members only scholarships throughout the province.

    EngWorks is Canada’s only online course provider specializing in hazardous locations (HazLoc).  EngWorks Inc’s prior success with in-house training to multinational corporations led to the creation of online training course that is accessible to anyone who needs hazloc training.

    “In Canada, we have two systems of classification in common use.  This has created a lot of confusion for designers, installers and inspectors as our codes permit both Zone and Division products to be installed in a classified facility.  The only way to resolve this confusion is through education.  This is why we created the EngWorks School of Hazloc,” says Principal Engineer and company owner, Allan Bozek.

    The Hazardous Locations Fundamentals course teaches how to choose, design, install, inspect, and troubleshoot equipment for use in hazardous locations.  It offers seven hours of online video instruction, based on Sections 18 and appendix J18 of Canadian Electrical Code.  The course incorporates quizzes to test knowledge and an online course blog, where students can ask questions and gain feedback.  The course is mobile compatible providing access to valuable information anytime and anywhere you need it.    

    These courses precede the upcoming anticipated launch in September of the ExHAC Hazardous Area Classifications course. This ExHAC course will incorporate a software application to assist in performing calculations in accordance with the IEC 60079-10-1 standard for classifying areas where an explosive gas atmosphere may exist.

    “Explosion safety is everyone’s responsibility,” says Bozek.   

    For more information on EngWorks and its online course offerings, visit the EngWorks School of Hazloc at

    To access a membership with the Alberta Electrical Alliance, contact CEO Tara Ternes at or 1-800-642-5508.


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