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    Cisco Announces Partnership With Schneider Electric

  • Mar 31, 2014

    The first day of spring seems like the perfect time to formally announce a Canadian partnership which will create new opportunities for sustainable development and innovation.

    Together with Schneider Electric Cisco announced a Canadian partnership that will create new opportunities in the development of smart buildings and smart communities across Canada, and have a positive impact on the environment by improving energy efficiency.

    Appropriately, Canadian partnership at Collaboration for a Sustainable Future was announced at the Earth Rangers Centre for Sustainable Technology, one of the most efficient buildings in the world and a leader in innovative water, energy conservation and comfort strategies. Cisco and Schneider Electric have each been working with Earth Rangers for a number of years, and many of their collaborative solutions can be seen in the Centre.

    The world will spend more money on energy in the next 40 years than it has in the previous 400. This massive increase in demand creates challenges with generation, distribution and CO2 emissions. In order to address this dilemma it is necessary to eliminate waste and reduce demand, while managing to improve profitability and resource productivity.

    Schneider Electric and Cisco believe conservation efforts will build a route to a sustainable future. Schneider Electric has developed solutions to address this growing demand, while Ciscotechnologies has been workindg hard to show people that technology can work for the environment, and not against it.

    This has been the driving force behind the Smart+Connected Communities solutions: devising methods to better monitor and control energy output to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

    This vision is shared by Earth Rangers and Schneider Electric, so it’s no surprise that a strong working relationship has been established. Like us, Schneider believes cities hold the key to energy sustainability and it’s our job to make sure they become smarter through technology. This shared vision of sustainable development and innovation forms the cornerstone of our new Canadian partnership.

    It’s also an important step to further the possibilities made available by the Internet of Everything (IoE). The IoE plays a crucial role in sustainable technology and we want to ensure Canadian businesses are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. Over the next few years, more and more items will be connected to the Internet that can have a tremendous impact on the environment: anything from refrigerators to cars to building heating systems.

    Cisco and Schneider have already enjoyed success working together in other parts of the world. Now they will be offering Canadian businesses the opportunity to share in our expertise for business development, solution creation, go-to-market strategies and customer pursuits. Ultimately, they will benefit from integrated and seamless technology solutions which will help them complete projects faster, improve energy efficiency and manage their business more effectively.


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