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    Canadian Nuclear Leaders Collaborate on Nuclear Decommissioning

  • May 13, 2021

    OPG’s Pickering Nuclear Generating Station - Canadian Nuclear Leaders Collaborate on Nuclear Decommissioning

    Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) Centre for Canadian Nuclear Sustainability (CCNS), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and SNC-Lavalin have signed a Collaboration Agreement on nuclear decommissioning.

    This collaboration agreement brings together three of the biggest players in the Canadian nuclear industry to:

    • build on Ontario's extensive nuclear industry expertise and highly skilled workforce to drive best practices and innovation to deliver safe, cost-effective and timely nuclear decommissioning projects;
    • explore the potential for international decommissioning-related opportunities for the Canadian nuclear industry; and,
    • identify future skills needs and gaps, and develop plans to fill any such gaps, building skills sets that could be leveraged for projects in Canada and abroad.

    Working together, the three organizations will advance studies and planning that will help create Canadian jobs and cement nuclear's role in creating a carbon-free future.

    The collaboration positions the three organizations' highly skilled workforce and well-established Canadian supply chain to support the decommissioning of CANDU reactors around the world.


    • CANDU reactors are Canadian design and have been built around the world, including in Argentina, Romania, China, India, Pakistan, and South Korea. There are more than 30 CANDU reactors globally.
    • After a lifetime of generating clean power, OPG's Pickering Nuclear Generating Station will reach its end of commercial operations in 2025, subject to regulatory review. OPG is committed to safely and sustainably dismantling and remediating the site.
    • Candu Energy Inc., a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, has an extensive decommissioning portfolio in both the United States and Europe to support the growth of Canadian skills. Pickering represents the largest project of this sort to date in Canada.
    • CNL's expertise in decommissioning, packaging and storage, and environmental protection will be leveraged by OPG to safely dismantle and repurpose the Pickering nuclear site.

    About OPG and the Centre of Canadian Nuclear Sustainability
    As a global climate change leader and the largest, most diverse electricity generator in the province, OPG and its family of companies are helping lead the charge to a post-carbon economy. The recently-launched CCNS brings the nuclear industry together to invest in our environment, community and economy through advancement of innovative and sustainable nuclear lifecycle solutions.

    About Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
    Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is a world leader in nuclear science and technology, offering unique capabilities and solutions across a wide range of industries. Actively involved with industry-driven research and development in nuclear, transportation, clean technology, energy, defence, security and life sciences, CNL provides solutions to keep these sectors competitive internationally. For more information on CNL, please visit

    About SNC-Lavalin
    Founded in 1911, SNC-Lavalin is a fully integrated professional services and project management company with offices around the world. SNC-Lavalin connects people, technology and data to help shape and deliver world-leading concepts and projects, while offering comprehensive innovative solutions across the asset lifecycle. Our expertise is wide-ranging — consulting & advisory, intelligent networks & cybersecurity, design & engineering, procurement, project & construction management, operations & maintenance, decommissioning and sustaining capital – and delivered to clients in four strategic sectors: EDPM (engineering, design and project management), Infrastructure, Nuclear and Resources, supported by Capital. People. Drive. Results. News and information are available at or follow us on Twitter @SNCLavalin

    SOURCE: Ontario Power Generation Inc.


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