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    AEMC® Introduces the NEW Indoor Air Quality Monitor/Logger Model C.A 1510

  • Jan 21, 2016

    Monitor CO2, temperature and humidity around you for a healthy environment. Indoor air quality has become a significant public health concern in recent years. Numerous studies have shown that environmental factors in the office, classroom, and home can have an impact on physical comfort and mental performance. Outdoor air contains approximately 0.04% (400 ppm) of CO2. Indoor environments can elevate concentrations to 1500 ppm or more.

    AEMC® Model C.A 1510 helps address this concern by monitoring temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the local environment. This compact, easy-to-use instrument provides quick and accurate readings, and can store up to one million measurements. Monitoring CO2 levels can be highly beneficial. In addition to the potential health effects caused by breathing high concentrations of this gas, CO2 levels also serve as a good indicator of the efficiency of the building’s air ventilation and circulation system. An Android™ compatible application is available FREE from the Google Play Store. It displays trend or tabular listing of the data, real-time mode calculation of the confinement index, data export and report generation.

    Monitors Air Quality and Checks HVAC Ventilation System Efficiency In:

    • Schools
    • Workplaces (office and factory)
    • Hospitals
    • Airports
    • Bus or train stations
    • Private residences
    • Government offices and other public buildings


    • Simultaneously monitors, displays and records CO2, temperature, and humidity
    • Stores up to 1,000,000 measurements
    • Case design facilitates both wall mount and stand-alone operation
    • Display blinks with Red backlighting when a measure parameter exceeds user selectable thresholds.
    • Easy-to-read comfort indicators based on CO2, temperature, and humidity
    • Complies with the latest air quality standards
    • Display can be turned off to conserve battery power
    • Quick and simple data download via USB cable or wireless Bluetooth
    • Supplied with AQR (Air Quality Report) software for data processing and report generation on USB stick and CD
    • Optional on-site calibration kit and software available for adjusting to zero and 1700 ppm thresholds
    • Available in two colors; white for laboratory, school, home, medical and office environments and gray for industrial environments.

    Cat. #2138.08 - Model C.A 1510 Price: $495.00
    Air Quality Logger Model C.A 1510 (Gray)

    Cat. #2138.09 - Model C.A 1510 Price: $495.00
    Air Quality Logger Model C.A 1510 (White)

  • Industry News

    General Fusion is working with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories in a vital project to advance fusion energy technology. Through this collaboration, General Fusion and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories will develop tritium extraction techniques for use in commercial fusion power plants.

    Hydro One announced the completion of critical upgrades to its Hawthorne Transmission Station (TS), first commissioned more than 60 years ago. By replacing aging infrastructure and energizing five new transformers at the station, these upgrades will help drive economic growth by increasing the amount of available power and improving reliability to the region.

  • Keeping Current

    OUELLET GROUP INC. announces the acquisition of Innovair Corporation, a major supplier of air conditioning and heat pump equipment in Latin America and the United States.

    "This new acquisition allows us to grow further and develop new markets," said Martin Beaulieu, President "It also helps us to consolidate our position as a major player in the North American market while continuing to offer high-quality service and innovative products."

    Owned by the Beaulieu family, with its head office in L’Islet, Quebec, Ouellet Group owns Ouellet Canada in L’Islet, Dettson Industries in Sherbrooke, Hazloc Heaters in Calgary, Nanjing Ouellet – a manufacturing plant located in China – and Britech in Toronto.

    SERVICE WIRE announces that Kerith Richards has been selected as one of tED Magazine’s prestigious “30 Under 35” winners. Kerith represents some of the best and brightest in the electrical industry today.

    A natural born leader, Kerith is an early trailblazer for young women in the electrical industry. She is successfully making a name for herself in this competitive space. She has a very unique dual role at Service Wire as a full-time sales rep in the U.S. Northeast and the regional sales manager for all ten Canadian provinces.

    Kerith has mastered the intricacies of working with international customers—understanding different product nomenclature, codes, and listings to ensure the right product is delivered on time.

    IDEAL INDUSTRIES (CANADA) CORP. National Sales Manager, Sean Bernard announces a new partnership with Resilient Sales Corporation.

    Effective August 1st, 2021, Resilient Sales Corporation, led by its Principal Sean Atkinson, will serve as IDEAL's agency partner for the Northern Ontario region – servicing distributor partners within the region bordered by Bracebridge to the south, Algonquin Park/Quebec border to the east, Timmins to the North and Lake Huron/Lake Superior to the west.

    E.B. HORSMAN & SON announce that its Terrace branch moved down the street to a new building located on 2915 Molitor Street, Terrace on July 12th, 2021.

    The newly constructed 20,000 square foot building was custom-built to replace the 7,200 square foot location on 5000 Pohle Avenue. The building will also offer three commercial spaces for lease to local businesses.

  • Product Showcase

    Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) has a new addition to their line of power quality products – HPS Centurion P Passive Harmonic Filter.

    It is specifically engineered to mitigate harmonic currents created by non-linear loads. The initial product release has ratings from 5 to 500 horsepower. It improves power quality by simultaneously reducing harmonics and improving true power factor, resulting in an efficient and reliable solution.

    Get an easy, flush receptacle installation in new concrete with Arlington's FLB6230MBLR Cover Kit. It fits most manufacturers' 4-1/2" concrete boxes, including Arlington's FLBC4500 and FLBC4502 boxes. This LISTED kit includes a 6" brass cover with flip lids, gaskets, receptacle AND a leveling ring. Also available nickel-plated.

    Click HERE for more information.

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