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    Wind O&M Canada 2017

  • Aug 08, 2017
    Monday, December 4, 2017 (All day) to Tuesday, December 5, 2017 (All day)
    Toronto, Ontario
    Hyatt Regency Toronto

    New Energy Update (formerly Wind Energy Update) invites you to join 300-plus wind power experts at the fourth annual Wind O&M conference in Toronto in December. This event is a platform for owner/operators, ISPs, OEMs and other suppliers to network and discover new ways to maximize wind farm profitability. Profit maximization is crucial to the modern Canadian wind power market. In its early days, owner/operators’ main concern was how to cut construction and development costs. Now that the industry has an installed base of 11 GW, the need to also examine operational expenditure has become ever more pressing. The reason for this is a margin squeeze caused by the 60% fall in the cost of Canadian wind energy over the past five years, coupled with the expiration of OEM warranties, a rise in opex caused by the ageing of turbine fleets, and the advent of new technology that can minimize that rise.

    Practically every company can benefit significantly from leaner, more sophisticated methods of handling asset management and O&M. Owner/operators that fail to get ahead of the curve will be increasingly disadvantaged in relation to their competitors.

    To help the industry to understand the threats and opportunities of this new phase in the industry’s development, Wind O&M Canada’s comprehensive two-day program will provide answers to current issues, such as:

    Deciding which contracts to sign:
    What kind of commercial relationships should you get into with your suppliers and service providers? What are the pros and cons of extending an OEM warranty, signing up an independent maintenance contractor or taking on the risk yourself? If you go down the self-performance route, how do you set up your supply chain to support you? What are the best ways to introduce competition in procurement? How do you split services between suppliers to get the best possible deal? And if you are an OEM or an independent service provider, how can you convince operators that you offer the best value?

    Optimizing data management:
    How can owner/operators use data to make informed O&M and asset management decisions that reduce the bottom line? How can SCADA data best help you to forecast production? What kind of real-time condition monitoring systems and analytics tools are possible today? Which approach has the biggest impact on profitability? How close are we to developing algorithms that will allow true predictive maintenance?

    Optimizing maintenance plans:
    When should you consider retrofitting turbines with new technology? How can you save money by keeping your own spare parts inventory? What are the main issues in balance-of-plant maintenance? How can you empower your field engineers to make them as productive and effective as possible?

    These and many other questions will be addressed by our expert speakers, who will include all the major players in Canada’s wind O&M market, including Algonquin, Capstone, EDF, Enbridge and Leeward. They will be joined by the experts from the country’s top ISP’s and specialist O&M suppliers and services.

    The conference runs from 4th to the 5th of December, and will be held at the Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel. You can reserve your place at this landmark event by visiting