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    Wieland Electric Introduces Small Outdoor Power Connectors with Type 4X and 6P Ratings

  • Jul 13, 2017

    Wieland Electric Inc., has expanded its gesis RST family of circular power connector with the RST Mini. The RST Mini (RST16) has type 4X/6P IP69K protection making it ideal for exterior applications.

    Rated for 600V and 16A, the new RST MINI 5-pole, circular power connectors (RST16i5) are designed to simplify, speed up, and reduce the cost of wiring installations in lighting, building automation, and industrial applications.

    Its 3-pole counterpart, the RST MINI 3-pole, is suitable for 300V and 16A, and has type 4X / IP69K protection. Its small 20mm diameter makes it easier to install in tight spaces.

    The new RST16 expands Wieland Electric‘s circular connector system gesis.

    The screw terminals are designed for easy field assembly or repair. The connector is also approved for disconnect under load up to 350Vac in 5 pole, and 300Vac in 3 pole.

    The gesis RST features the newly developed TWISTLOCK technology which locks connectors automatically when plugged. A slight rotation of the locking ring severs the bayonet connection easily when it’s time to disconnect.

    The connectors are especially well suited to lighting technology and any other application where multiple connections, space-saving designs, and fast installations are pivotal.


    • Installation time and costs are reduced
    • Connectors mean perfect connections every time; this leads to less warranty issues.  
    • Connectors allow smaller housings. Without cumbersome junction boxes, lighting fixtures and machinery can be optimized for space saving, thermal management and other factors.
    • Connectors also improve serviceability which translates into reduced maintenance costs and easier future upgradability.

    Available in multiple colors and mechanical codings, only associated pairs of male and female connectors can be connected, eliminating erroneous connections.

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