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    White Papers & Case Studies

    • Author: Cummins
      Classification: White Paper

      As we move from hurricane season into winter storm season, back-up power has become top of mind with the unprecedented power outages left from hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. But winter storms from nor’easters to ice storms can still cause devastating power outages.

    • Author: FLIR Systems, Inc.
      Classification: White Paper

      This application note profiles the Leak Detection system created by FLIR's Canadian partner, Intelliview, which utilizes the FLIR A65 thermal camera as the sensor, to detect and alarm upon liquid leaks from pipelines transferring tailings or leachate fluids from mines or from oil and gas pipelines, reducing the impact of pipeline leaks on our health and environment.

    • Author: GE Energy
      Classification: Case Studies

      When the EPCOR Tower is completed in the Fall of 2011 Edmonton will have a new gem in the skyline of the downtown core. With its strong commitment to sustainability, EPCOR insisted that its new headquarters should meet at least LEED Silver accreditation standards. That standard has been exceeded in most areas and LEED Gold accreditation is anticipated.