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    Stanpro Invites its Clients to Show Greater Generosity on Katy’s Donation Day

  • Nov 13, 2020

    Katy’s Donation Day, an annual tradition at Stanpro for over 20 years, is once again close at hand. In light of the pandemic, Stanpro hopes this year’s initiative will bring in well-needed contributions.

    Katy Shebath, the sister of Stanpro CEO David Nathaniel, launched this initiative in 1999. Katy passed away in 2018, leaving behind a precious legacy that aims to unite all Stanpro charitable projects under a single banner, once a year. Stanpro honours this benevolent lady by pursuing her vision and that of Stanpro, a company that is deeply involved in the community and works tirelessly to take care of its people and offer its ongoing support.

    On the occasion of Katy’s Donation Day, Stanpro will be contributing a percentage of its clients’ purchases to various charitable organizations throughout Canada.

    In 2019, Stanpro donated a substantial $100,000 in charitable donations, distributed to the Canadian community at large. This year, Stanpro hopes to do even better! They are relying on its partner agents, as well as its distributors, to ensure the success of this special day and further support the community.

    The present pandemic backdrop has compelled Stanpro to review a number of practices in order to protect its employees and its internal operations. All is now in place to reach the company's goal. Stanpro's internal sales teams, presently on teleworking assignment, will be on hand to record the countless expected orders and the warehouse teams will carefully prepare each and every order.