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    RAB Design's Greg Guisso Announces His Retirement

  • Jun 12, 2020

    RAB DESIGN LIGHTING INC. President, David Beron, announces that Greg Guisso is retiring on June 16, 2020. Greg has been an integral member of the RAB team for the past five years and will be greatly missed.

    Greg started in the electrical industry in 1990, working for Appleton Electric as a product specialist for lighting and rough-in products and in 1991 he was promoted to Outside Sales. Over the years he was also and Account Manager at Osram, Sylvania, EGS Electric (formerly Appleton) then on to Canadian National Sales Manager for Sola Heavy Duty and subsequently all EGS products. He was Director of Sales and Marketing for Venture Lighting Canada and finally Director os Sales for RAB Design Lighting.

    "Greg enthusiastically invested significant time and personal effort on the road in the U.S. and Canada, growing the business and supporting customers," said David. "He has played a key role in helping us meet and exceed our goals and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence that we have come to depend on. In addition to his incredible competence and skill, he has been a friend to all of us, with his thoughtfulness and quiet encouragement."

    Greg has agreed to support RAB Lighting Design for one day a week, until the end of the year, to assist with the smooth transition of his replacement.