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    Product Showcase

    • June 13, 2017

      Wieland Electric Inc., introduces fasis WTP – DIN rail terminal with push-in terminals, with approvals for North America. Push-in terminals provide a reliable, vibration proof connection that does not require special wire preparations or tools. Push-in terminals reduce installation time while increasing reliability.

      Wieland’s terminals have one of the lowest wire insertion force in the industry, making operation with stranded and fine wires possible.Wieland’s fasis WTP terminal blocks incorporate a wire release lever. It allows insertion of very fine wires, and prevents insertion of the screwdriver in the incorrect hole.

    • June 08, 2017

      Power distribution specialist ide Systems has launched a new generator connection point (GCP) to mitigate downtime caused by mains power failures. The product, which is ideal for office buildings, healthcare facilities and retail blocks, allows backup generators to be quickly and easily connected in the event of an unforeseen electrical failure.

      The new GCP is available in 400A and 800A three-phase models, named the GCP400 and GCP800, respectively. The units include five drain powerlock connections to safely connect backup generators to 30x10mm copper bars. Each model is fitted in a high visibility stainless steel enclosure that can be easily mounted to walls on either the inside or outside of the building.

    • June 07, 2017

      Arlington’s convenient fan/fixture pan box offers secure, joist-mount installation. It works with 1/2", and single or double 5/8" drywall – on furring strips or hat channel in new construction. For added convenience, the fan bracket installation screws in this 14.4 cu. inch pan box ship captive until ready to use.

      UL/CSA Listed - 2-hour fire rating

      Click HERE for more information on Arlington's Fan/Fixture Pan Box.

    • June 07, 2017

      Arlington’s new GC50 Grounding Electrode Connector delivers flexibility, convenience, savings and provides strain relief for grounding conductors. It installs from inside or outside a metal panel or enclosure, through existing 1/2" knockout. No need to modify box… No need for lugs.

      Listed for #8 to #2 solid and stranded aluminum and copper conductors, its wide cable range, eliminates stocking extra inventory.

      Best of all, it’s HALF the COST of other listed connectors!

      Click HERE for more information on Arilington's GC50 Grounding Electrode Connector