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    LEDtronics New LED T5 Tube Offers Efficient Lighting for Navy, Cruise Ship Bunk Beds

  • Feb 26, 2019

    LEDtronics® introduces a new type of T5 LED tube light that is specially designed for Navy or cruise ship bunk bed lighting. The 12-inch long LED tube light has a “Made in USA” option, and the durable LED technology makes it ideal to withstand conditions on board.

    Navy ships are known to spend over a few months at sea. Oftentimes, sea turbulence and weather disturbance can affect the ship's lighting, which can make it hard to work on board. The best solution to old fluorescent lighting is to switch to LED T5 tube lights. The solid-state design renders this T5 tube light resistant to shock, vibration and environmental extremes.

    Unlike fluorescents, which have to be replaced frequently and consume large amount of power, the LED T5 tube light reduces maintenance costs and power consumption by operating 10 times longer than fluorescent lights.

    Aside from the benefit of energy savings, LED lighting is safer for passengers and the environment, because it is mercury-free, emits no infrared or ultraviolet radiation, and does not cause any flickering and buzzing — a perfect solution for bunk bed lighting not only on Navy vessels but also on cruise ships. The tubes also work perfectly as lighting for reading or personal space, security passageways, production areas, parking garage or structures, retail store displays, and undercabinet and sign backlighting, among many other applications.

    The tube light fits directly into standard 2-pin, G5-based fixtures, and is powered at both lamp ends. At 120VAC, the frosted lens T5 LED tubes only uses 4 watts of power, offering energy savings of up to 50 percent. It delivers 415 lumens of 5000K daylight-white even illumination. It also has a “Made in USA” option for ARRA compliance

    The LEDtronics Bunk Bed T5 tube light comes with an unconditional 3-year U.S. factory warranty. The product is only available for large volume orders (750+). Options such as different wattages, color temperatures, sizes, etc. maybe applicable for qualified volume orders. It is available through LEDtronics distributors, and quantity discounts are available.

    For more details and technical data, visit the product web page.