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    Latest Generation LED Rope Light Eliminates All the Disadvantages of Neon Lights

  • Jul 23, 2019

    LEDtronics® introduces their latest generation LED Rope Light, a safer and more energy-efficient replacement for antiquated neon sign lights. No need to worry about flickering, frequent burnouts, or broken glass with these new lights.

    The RNLD02SM series’ pliable design conforms to most applications. It offers better night visibility with perimeter or border lighting for store fronts, strip malls, restaurants, and commercial and office buildings. They are also ideal for escalator and elevator lighting, signage letters, and accent lighting for staircases, pathways, cabinets, counters, landscaping, and more.

    Some of the disadvantages of the outdated neon lights are heat, buzzing, flickering, UV radiation, RF interference, and ballast failures. Even worse issues are hazards such as shards of glass and toxic mercury vapor from broken tubes. Not only do the LED rope lights eliminate all of those shortcomings, but they also reduce power usage by up to 50 percent with their low power consumption of only 9.6 watts per meter.

    The old technology neon lights have to be manufactured to a specific shape. LEDtronics LED rope lights feature a flexible design that can conform to virtually any desired shape. The lights are housed within a UV-protected, frosted PVC tube, and have an IP65-rated, weather-resistant design.

    While the whole roll, without the power cord, is 30.48 meters (100 feet) long, the module length of each cutting unit is 0.5 meters. The LED tubes are marked at intervals where they can be cut, enabling you to customize the length, or to splice together differently-colored LED rope segments.

    For an easy installation, simply connect the LED rope to the appropriate end of the provided 20-ft power cord cable, and then plug the power cord into a standard 120VAC electrical outlet. They can be held in place with small, plastic 2-inch mounting clips (30 are provided) that snap onto the tube.

    With an average lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, the ETL-listed rope LED lights operate reliably with stable intensity and color year after year, saving production time for lighting professionals with a practical way to integrate ornamental illumination into maintenance-intensive applications.

    LEDtronics LED Neon Rope Lights come standard in 120V and 5000K white. Other available colors are Warm White, Super Red, Super Orange, Amber Yellow, Aqua Green and Pure Blue. The rope lights come with an unconditional U.S. factory warranty, and they are available through LEDtronics distributors; quantity discounts are available.

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