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    Intertek Warns of Hazardous Incandescent Luminaires Bearing ETL Certification Marks

  • Jan 20, 2017

    January 20, 2017 – The following is a notification from Intertek that the DVI Lighting Inc. luminaires identified below bearing Intertek Certification Marks for the United States and Canada may pose a public hazard.

    Product Description: Incandescent semi-flush and flush mounted medium base luminaires intended for use with two (2) 100 watt “Type A” lightbulbs

    Manufacturer: DVI Lighting Inc. - Made in China

    Number of Units: Unknown


    Models in all finishes as below with adjacent CETLUS Certification Mark and Control Numbers 2003372, 4007159, and 4007059

    Known Models: DVP7411, DVP7430, DVP2015, DVP2111, DVP2404, DVP5211, DVP5304, DVP5813, DVP7212, DVP7230, DVP8011, DVP8212, DVP8312 (Other models in this configuration may exist)

    Construction: Two lamp holders under glass lens, in the parallel configuration as shown in the accompanying photographs, with visible wiring within white fiberglass sleeveing in contact or near contact with the lightbulbs. (Wiring located to the right of areas A and B below)

    Reported Hazards: Overheating of luminaire wiring resulting in possible wire insulation breakdown, short-circuit and fire

    Sold at: Known to be sold at various retailers and on-line sellers

    Recommended Disposition: Consumers should immediately stop using the luminaires, remove them from service, and return them to the point of purchase.

    Click HERE to download PDF of Product Warning.