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    IESO Releases 2011 Annual Report - Reliable Power For Ontario's Future

  • Apr 05, 2012

    The IESO has released its 2011 Annual Report outlining the changes that are transforming Ontario’s electricity sector and the IESO efforts in supporting those changes.

    Reliability remains the cornerstone of the IESO’s operations through the transition to a greener and more diverse supply mix and the broadening of the market to include new participants. The IESO has been working with market participants to ensure this new supply is reliably integrated. By refining many of its current tools, processes and practices, the IESO is working to accommodate the operating characteristics of these new resources and the 2011 Annual Report points to progress being made in a number of areas.

    The IESO has demonstrated a commitment to financial prudence since its inception in 1999. This commitment continued in 2011 as the IESO worked hard to hold its fee flat for the third consecutive year. Over the longer term, while demands on the business have continued to grow, the IESO’s 2011 usage fee of $0.822 per megawatt hour was more than 14 per cent lower than the rate charged in 2003.

    A PDF of the IESO's Annual Report can be downloaded at: