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    Honeywell International Recalls SWIFT® Wireless Gateway Sold with Fire Alarm Systems Due To Failure to Communicate in Fire

  • May 12, 2017


    Name of product: SWIFT wireless gateway sold with fire alarm systems

    Hazard:  The smoke detectors connected to the gateway can fail to activate properly when significant environmental contaminants are present, posing a risk that consumers will not be alerted to a fire.

    Remedy:  Repair

    Recall date:  May 12, 2017

    Recall number:  17-151

    Description:  This recall involves the SWIFT wireless gateway sold with fire alarm systems. The gateways are round, white and measure eight inches in diameter. The gateways are the bridge between the fire alarm control panel and the detectors. These systems are used primarily for indoor or covered areas in commercial buildings, such as in office buildings, hotels, industrial facilities, and apartment complexes. The model number and date codes are printed on the back of the gateway on a white label on the circuit board. The gateways have the following brand names, model numbers and date codes.



    Date Code Range




    10 13 14 through 12 15 16









    Johnson Controls



    Remedy:  Contact Honeywell for an update of the firmware on the SWIFT wireless gateway(s) installed on the system.  Commercial building customers should continue using the recalled detectors until the firmware is updated.

    Incidents/Injuries:  None reported
    Units:  About 900
    Sold At:  Honeywell distributors nationwide between October 2014 and December 2016 for about $440 for the fire alarm system.
    Manufacturer(s):  Honeywell International Inc., of Northford, Conn.
    Manufactured In:  United States
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