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    EPCOR Tower - Edmonton, Alberta

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    GE Energy

    When the EPCOR Tower is completed in the Fall of 2011 Edmonton will have a new gem in the skyline of the downtown core. With its strong commitment to sustainability, EPCOR insisted that its new headquarters should meet at least LEED Silver accreditation standards. That standard has been exceeded in most areas and LEED Gold accreditation is anticipated. Canada's selection team for the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE) has selected the EPCOR Tower as a poster project for the World Sustainable Building Conference 2011 to be held in Helsinki, Finland.

    With the project completion date set for the Fall of 2011, timing was limited, and space was already 70% leased within the downtown tower. Fighting stiff competition from competing manufacturers GE Energy submitted a superior technical proposal at a competitive project price. Facing market economic pressures, and stiff product competition GE’s Chris Noble, Technical Sales, successfully worked with MCL Power to formulate the winning bid outlining substantial cost savings for the 650,000 sq ft EPCOR Tower project.