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    Chuck Cartmill Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Solar Global Solutions

  • Feb 03, 2015

    SOLAR GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (SGS) announces the appointment of Chuck Cartmill as Chief Executive Officer. While SGS was founded by the Cartmill Group in 1988, this announcement marks Chuck's official transition into an active executive role with the company.

    With a focus on the design, production, sale, and installation of environmentally sustainable technologies, the Cartmill Group aims to drive the global adoption of innovative products that are both economical and environmentally friendly.

    Chuck is a lifelong environmental entrepreneur inventor who started his first business in 1973, C.S.A. Enterprises Ltd., a technical sales and marketing company for energy efficient lighting and industrial products. In 2002, he started C-Vision Ltd, an electronics manufacturing company based in Amherst, Nova Scotia. In 2007, he founded LED Roadway Lighting Ltd (LRL) and was formerly its CEO and President. Chuck oversaw LRL’s growth from a small 2 person start-up to a leading global manufacturer of LED street lights and control technologies with over 250 employees. Chuck was named Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year (Atlantic Region) in 2006 and in 2010 he was inducted into Atlantic Business Magazine's prestigious Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame. Chuck currently sits on Minister Fast’s SME advisory board and served as a member of Prime Ministers Harper’s Canada-Brazil CEO forum.

    Chuck stated, “This is an exciting time at Solar Global Solutions. Over the past few years the business has evolved quickly and to date we have supplied over 500 solar systems globally. We plan to build a globally competitive solar industry in Canada focused on export and sustainable job creation. We have developed expertise around solar energy, battery storage technology, system performance and control by the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe this will be a major focus for utilities and their Reduce and Shift Demand (RASD) programs for peak load management and Smart City integration. Solar with battery storage is increasingly important as photovoltaics evolve as a major source of grid power globally. At the Cartmill Group we make things that are good for the world.”

    Solar Global Solutions Ltd. (formerly PoleCo Ltd.) is a renewable energy engineering company specializing in the design and supply of high quality solar powered and battery storage systems for residential, utility, and commercial applications. Founded in 1988 in Nova Scotia, Canada, Solar Global Solutions (SGS) continues to have its headquarters and research and development facility in Halifax. Since 2010, SGS has installed over 500 solar systems globally with over 80% going to export markets. SGS has over 25 years’ experience successfully developing projects for residential, utility, commercial, and government clients. For more information, visit