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    Caterpillar Announces Standardized, US-Sourced CHP Enclosures

  • Jun 18, 2020

    Caterpillar Inc. will now manufacture standardized enclosures for natural gas-fueled G3520H engines rated 2.5 MW, with generators rated at 4160 V - 13.8 kV for Combined Heat and Power applications (CHP). In CHP applications, Cat® gas generator sets simultaneously provide electricity for electrical loads and heat energy for a facility’s thermal requirements. With the expansion of their CHP offering to include the G3520H CHP Enclosure, Caterpillar continues to offer customers complete CHP solutions, eliminating the need to outsource additional engineering or project management.
    “CHP is a growing industry,” says Bart Myers, general manager in Caterpillar’s Electric Power Division. “Where grid power and boilers provide less than 50% efficiency, Cat CHP or cogeneration projects can offer energy efficiencies up to 90%. Utilizing CHP saves our customers energy costs by eliminating the need for them to run separate heat and electrical generation systems.”
    “In addition to the cost benefits, CHP offers customers greatly reduced emissions,” Myers adds. “Many of our customers are looking at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and utilizing CHP solutions allows them to do just that – sometimes even permitting them to obtain carbon credits.”
    Cat standardized enclosures will ease installation and reduce the lead time for implementing CHP projects. Many industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, refineries, and regional district heating plants, or commercial facilities such as resorts, shopping malls, high-rise office buildings, universities, data centers, and hospitals, can double efficiency and reduce operating costs by implementing a Cat CHP system. Cat CHP solutions with enclosures are now available for purchase throughout North America, including Canada, and have a standard Caterpillar warranty.
    Caterpillar delivers innovative power systems engineered for exceptional durability, reliability, and value. The company offers worldwide product support, with parts and service available globally through the Cat authorized service and dealer network. Also, dealer service technicians are trained to service every aspect of Cat equipment.
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